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How to achieve the safety characteristics of lithium ions?
- Sep 05, 2017 -

In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of Li-ion, experts have carried out very strict and careful battery safety design, in order to achieve battery safety assessment indicators.

1 diaphragm 135 ℃ Automatic turn-off protection

The use of international advanced celgars2300pe-pp-pe three-layer composite film. In the case of the battery heating up to 120 ℃, PE composite film on both sides of the membrane hole closed, the battery internal resistance increased, the battery heating slowed down, the battery heating up to 135 ℃, pp membrane hole closed, the battery inside the circuit, the battery no longer heating up, to ensure safe and reliable battery.

2 Add additive to electrolyte

In battery overcharge, the battery voltage is higher than 4. Under 2V condition, the electrolyte additive and other substances in the electrolyte polymerization, the battery internal resistance greatly increased, the battery formed a large area of open circuit, the battery no longer heats up.

3 composite structure of battery cover

The battery cover uses the engraved explosion-proof ball structure, the battery heats up, the battery internal activation process produces partial gas expansion, the battery internal pressure increases, the pressure achieves a certain degree nicks the rupture, the release gas.

4. Various environmental abuse tests

Conduct various abuse experiments, such as external short circuit, overcharge, acupuncture, impact, incineration, etc., to investigate the battery safety performance. At the same time, the performance of the battery in the actual environment is investigated by experiments of temperature impact, vibration, drop and impact.