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What is a li-ion battery?
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Li-ion is the development of lithium batteries. So before introducing Li-ion, introduce lithium battery. For example, the button-type battery used in the camera belonged to a lithium battery. The cathode material of lithium battery is lithium metal, and the cathode is carbon. When the battery is recharged, the cathode of the battery is formed by lithium ions, and the lithium ions are generated by the electrolyte movement to the cathode. As the negative carbon is layered structure, it has a lot of micro-pores, to reach the negative lithium ions embedded in the carbon layer of the microporous, embedded lithium ions more, the higher the charge capacity. Similarly, when the battery is discharged (that is, we use the battery process), the lithium ions embedded in the negative carbon layer are ejected, and the motion returns to the positive electrode. The more lithium ions back to the positive electrode, the higher the discharge capacity. What we usually call battery capacity refers to the discharge capacity. In the process of Li-ion charging and discharging, the lithium ions are in the movement state from the positive to the negative and the positive. Li-ion is like a rocking chair, the two ends of the rocking chair are battery poles, and lithium ions run back and forth like athletes in a rocking chair. So Li-ion is also called the rocking-chair battery.