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Why batteries play an important role in total station accessories
- Apr 24, 2018 -

At first glance,chargers and batteries do not seem to be especially improtant accessories.Perhaps they do not seem worth paying attention to for quality or origin.EXperience shows the opposite.Instruments and their electronics react sensitively and need a reliable power supply in all environmental conditions.Batteries and chargers are also exposed to these conditions-some will function,others might and some not for long or not at all,under certain conditions.That is why the quality and efficiency of the original also counts for batteries and chargers.

Transparent choice

Leica Geosystems offers you a wide palette of high-value chargers and batteries.FOr chargers,You have the choice between the Professional 5000 series with high functionality and intelligence and the Professional and intelligence and the professional 3000 and 1000 series,the cost effective alternatives with less function,but outstanding quality and security.



Professional 1000:SIMPLE CHARGER

Chargers and batteries from Leica Geosystems are perfectly matched to each other and to the instruments,and reliably secure the power supply in temperature tolerance,re-charging capability,operating time and cycle behaviour.Carefully and correctly handled.Leica Geosystems batteries achieve a maximum service life and are a guarantee that in decisive moments enouth energy is available in the instrument,so that a measurement can be exactly and correctly completed.

Quality and safety requirements

>Only brand battery cells

>Integrated microchip for intelligent charging

>Integrated temperature sensor as protection against over-heating

>Gold-coated contacts

>IP54 tested against rain and splash water

>Resilience against high mechanical influences

>Electronics protect against deep discharge and current peaks on charging,that could damage the batteries.