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How To Use Trimble R10 Receiver
- Apr 18, 2018 -

The Trimble R10 GNSS reeiver incorporates a GNSS antenna,rreceiver,internal radio,and battery in a rugged light-weight unit that is ideally suited as an all-on-the-pole RTK rover or quick setup\rapid mobilization base station.LEDs enable you to monitor satellite tracking,radio reception,data logging status,Wi-Fi status,and power,Bluetooth wireless technology provides cable-free communications between the receiver and controller.

You can use the receiver as part of an RTK GNSS system with the Trimble Access software.The receiver can optionally record GNSS data to the receiver's internal memory and download to a computer or USB flash memory stick.

The receiver has no front panel controls for changing settingsTo configure the receiver,use the web interface which is available by connecting to the receiver's Wi-Fi via a PC or smartphone.

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