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The Classification Of The Battery Has Different Methods, And Its Classification Method Can Be Divided Into Three Main Categories.
- Sep 05, 2017 -

The first category: According to the type of electrolyte, including: alkaline batteries, electrolyte mainly with potassium hydroxide fire solution-oriented battery: such as: Alkaline zinc manganese battery (commonly known as alkaline manganese batteries or alkaline batteries), cadmium nickel batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries. Acidic battery, mainly in sulfuric acid aqueous solution for the medium, such as zinc manganese dry cell (some consumers also known as acidic batteries), seawater batteries, etc. organic electrolyte battery, mainly in organic solution for the medium of batteries, such as lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries.

The second category: According to the nature of the work and storage methods include: A battery, also known as the original battery, that is, can not be recharged batteries, such as zinc manganese dry batteries, lithium batteries, etc. two times battery, rechargeable batteries, such as Ni-MH batteries, lithium batteries, cadmium and nickel batteries, batteries used to refer to lead-acid batteries, but also two battery; fuel cells, That is, the active material in the battery to work continuously from the outside to join the battery, such as hydrogen oxygen fuel cell, storage battery, that is, the battery is not directly contact the electrolyte, until the battery is used to add the electrolyte, such as the MG-AG battery also known as seawater batteries.

The third category: According to the battery used positive and negative materials Division includes: Zinc series battery, such as zinc-manganese batteries, zinc-silver batteries, etc. ni series batteries, such as cadmium nickel batteries, NiMH batteries, such as: Lead-series batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lithium manganese batteries, manganese dioxide batteries, such as zinc manganese battery, alkaline manganese batteries, etc. Air (oxygen) series batteries such as zinc-air batteries

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